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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Revolution 360 Stone?

Revolution 360 Stone was formulated from scratch by stone professionals for the stone industry so it’s truly unique. Unlike other products, this is not just a modified resin. Consequently, it is the most technologically advanced stone resin available in the world.

This product was developed through years of research and discussions with highly experienced  and respected stone professionals. Therefore, it is the number one choice for professionals committed to excellence in the production and restoration of stone.  

How is Revolution 360 Stone different?

Revolution 360 Stone resin treatment is unquestionably a market game-changer and is literally revolutionising the stone industry.

Basically, this injection and finishing resin replaces all outdated resins that use UV cure, fast/slow hardeners.Furthermore, it can be applied in significantly reduced time so benchtops can be finished quickly and efficiently. 

What are the benefits?

Revolution 360 Stone is easy to use and economical. Additionally, it boasts shine and durability that’s second to none. 

As a result of this treatment, marble and Caesarstone benchtops will be more durable and shinier than their original state. Therefore, there are no compromises and no substitutes so no excuses to be using any other product than Revolution 360 Stone.

It’s Revolutionary

Revolution 360 Stone is completely different to every other marble or Caesarstone benchtop restoration and protection solution. It has undeniably revolutionised the stone industry with its technologically advanced stone treatment. 

It Protects

This product guarantees full protection for marble and other soft stone benchtops. Similarly, it fully protects  Caesarstone benchtops and other ‘marble like’ quartz.  

In addition, it’s advanced technology prevents scratching, etching and staining from all damaging agents. Revolution 360 Stone hardens, protects and makes soft stones and engineered stone as durable as granite.

It’s Safe
FDA APPROVED,  Revolution 360 Stone is the only truly food safe and 100% environmentally friendly resin available on the world market.                                                                   
It Shines  

This dual molecule impregnating resin offers superior UV protection and an ultra high gloss finish that’s second to none.

The MSDS of this product and the supporting lab testing data for scratch resistance, shine, yellowing and ecological impact will amaze!

It’s Easy to Clean

This resin treatment is easy to maintain. Simply spray and wipe. Revolution 360 Power Cleaner will clean stains, spills and grime and will return the shine to your benchtops in no time.

Join the revolution and benefit from our team’s decades of stone industry restoration expertise, research and development.

Spills and Stains

Life is messy so spills, drips and leaks happen from time to time. Stains, however, don’t have to. There’s no need to worry about stains on your marble or Caesarstone benchtops anymore.

How will Revolution 360 protect my benches?

Revolution 360 Stone will make clean ups easier and prevent stains from setting into your benchtops in the first place. This uniquely formulated benchtop resin will protect porous stone surfaces from water, chemical and oil based stains. 

Easy Care and Cleaning

Because liquid is forced to bead up on this surface, stains can’t penetrate the Revolution 360 resin. Therefore, spills will wipe up easily before any stain can set in.

Greasy food on the kitchen counter, spilt wine and kid’s messy projects will vanish  with Revolution 360 Stone. Simply spray with Revolution 360 Power Cleaner and it will wipe away stains. Revolution 360 Stone will provide lasting easy-care protection for your marble or Caesarstone benchtops.


Durable Benchtops

Revolution 360 Stone is not soft like other surface applications. This resin will make any soft stone such as marble, ROCK HARD, extremely difficult to scratch and easy to maintain. 

Damage from Harsh Cleaners

Because Revolution 360 Stone will protect stone from all staining or etching, it will also remove the stress of benchtop maintenance. There are no problems when accidently using highly caustic alkaline cleaners such as bleach, Windex or other window cleaners. Your marble and Caesarstone benchtops are safe with Revolution 360 Stone.

Revolution 360 Power Cleaner will safely remove all accidental spills because this product is 100% food safe and 100% eco- friendly. However, using denaturalised alcohol (methylated spirits at the ratio of 90% to 10% water will provide a safe alternative. 

Guaranteed Quality With Affordability 

Our fully trained technicians will offer Revolution 360 Stone at $275 per m2. We guarantee our product and the technician’s workmanship on all marble and engineered stone such as Caesarstone benchtops. Furthermore, we fully back Revolution 360 Stone with an astounding fully backed 15 year warranty.

The revolutionary development of this product will provide natural soft stone with the durability of quartz. Stone restoration professionals choose Revolution 360 Stone not only for its durability but also for its cost effectiveness.

Marble -finally a more durable and cheaper option for benchtops. More stain proof, etch proof and easier to care for than ‘marble-look’ quartz.

How does the cost compare?

The average wholesale cost of natural marble is $240-$450 per m2.  Quartz products such as Caesarstone Supernatural range on the other hand will wholesale at around $660-$690 per m2.

It’s important to note that these are wholesale slab prices only and do not include fabrication.  Nor do they include the additional cost of  installation and polishing of your benchtops.

Our Guarantee to Customers

Because Revolution 360 Stone is formulated by highly experienced stone restoration professionals, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we provide our customers with a full 15 year warranty. 

What does the Revolution 360 Stone warranty cover?

Our 15 year warranty  will cover damage to benches caused during normal use as a kitchen work top or space.

This is the only warranty on the world market  guarantees a 15 year full polish finish. As well as this, we will guarantee full protection from UV and heat damage to 80 deg C, staining as well as  scratching and etching. Our warranty guarantees your beautiful marble and Caesarstone benchtops will shine brighter for 15 years.

Furthermore, Revolution 360 Stone provides their technicians with full training and support so they can  also guarantee  their workmanship.

Customer Support

Above all, we will provide our customers with full support, technical advice as well as care and maintenance advice regarding our product.


Warranty excludes:

  • Chips caused by impacts of hard objects to the edge of benches.
  • Cracks to the base stone due to improper installation of the original stone bench.
  • Joins popping due to incorrect installation of the original stone bench.
  • Damage caused to the benchtop when the kitchen benchtop was being used for any other than its intended purpose.


High caustic oven cleaners and drain solutions should always be placed in the sink during use to prevent spillages.

DO NOT use Google, online forums or Facebook to research a solution for your benchtop mishap.

Please contact us directly and we will advise how to remove the issue without damaging your beautiful benchtops.

Durability Plus

Revolution 360 Stone is a world class product and will provide world leading durability. 

Once applied, your marble or Caesarstone benchtops, Revolution 360 Stone will  fully protect your benchtops. It will provide  stain, etch proof and heat proofing to 80 deg C.

 Warranty and Repairs

Damage to your treated benchtops from severe mistreatment can be easily repaired by one of our licensed technicians. This will incur a cost of approx $250 (depending on the extent of the damage to the surface).

Note:  Your benchtop repair may be covered under a warranty claim. Call our customer support team for advice.

Matte Finishes

Traditionally matte finishes on any stone type require high care and maintenance. This is especially so with quartz honed or quartz matte finishes. 

Revolution 360 Stone takes the hassle out of cleaning and maintenance of honed, matte and suede finishes on marble and Caesarstone benchtops.  Just like Revolution 360 high gloss finish, Revolution 360 Stone matte finish makes benches stain, etch and heat proof to 80 deg.

High Gloss Finishes

Revolution 360 Stone is the only surface treatment on the market that will achieve a super high gloss finish of up to 98gu. This is 10% more shine than black granite or blue pearl, enhancing the beauty of natural stone.

Similarly, Revolution 360 Stone can be applied to quartz stone  such as Caesarstone benchtops. This will provide an even better shine to engineered stone and eliminate all staining, etching & maintenance issues


Revolution 360 Stone provides incredible durability because it is not soft like other surface treatments.  As a result, it makes any soft stone such as marble ROCK HARD and extremely hard to scratch.

This product guarantees 15 years of protection. It will prevent  staining, etching, scratching and heat damage to 80 deg for your marble or Caesarstone benchtops.

I love my marble benchtops BUT….

Marble and other semi-precious stones are prized by many for their natural beauty. However, if you’re like other marble benchtop lovers, you’re frustrated with their fragility and high maintenance. This is why many home-owners have not traditionally chosen marble for their benchtops.

Did you know marble is cheaper than quartz?

Most wholesale cost of marble is around $200-$450 per m2

Marble is vulnerable to etching and scratching because of its softness.  As a result, manufacturers introduced marble-look quartz such as Caesarstone benchtops. This stone looks similar and is more durable.

Most marble-look quartz stone, like Caesarstone benchtops, however, costs around $650 per m2. Therefore, it is less affordable at three to four times the cost of real marble.

Great news for lovers of marble!

Revolution 360 Stone has revolutionised the stone industry by providing a fast to apply surface treatment (two day turn around). It’s durable (extremely hard to scratch), stain and etch proof, heat proof to 80 deg C.  Above all, it’s a far cheaper alternative to Caesarstone benchtops and other ‘marble-like’ quartz.

Quartz commonly etches & yellows with bleach, window cleaner or other alkaline cleaners and age

What’s the fuss about marble?

Marble is the still the number one choice for benchtops in high end interiors for the same reasons as it has been for centuries. It is beautiful, practical and regarded as luxurious. It has been used in building construction since ancient times and is mined all over the world.

What defines marble quality?

Marble is graded for soundness. The least sound grade is also the most flawed and it is the flaws that give the stone its glorious color. Therefore, the most flawed marble of all (D grade), is prized for interiors because of the variations in color and veining.

Revolution 360 Stone makes marble as durable as quartz.

When defining the value of marble, it is color that determines the price. The most unusual colors – reds, pinks, greens, golds, blacks – are usually the most expensive.

The Wow Factor!

Marble counters and benchtops are used in large commercial buildings as well as high-end hotels because of their combination of luxury and practicality. Marble is often specified by architects & interior designer for vast areas to create spectacular impact.

Can stains be removed from my benchtops?

Our licensed technicians are able to remove stains from any marble or Caesarstone benchtops. Most etching can be repaired at the time of the application of Revolution 360 Stone treatment.

Oil stains and other stains to stone may require more time. With any stone, the longer a stain is in the stone, the longer it takes to remove. This also applies to marble as well as quartz stone or engineered stone such as Caesarstone benchtops.

How do I prevent future stains?

Revolution 360 Stone application is a much cheaper alternative to polishing marble and generally takes the same or less time to apply.

Once applied, it will give you peace of mind from any further etching or stain damage. Furthermore, it will enhance the stone’s natural beauty and shine.

Do you have a pricing inquiry or want more information on our awesome product?  Whether you need your marble or Caesarstone benchtop repaired or need help finding a technician, our team are here to help.

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Affordable Natural Stone Benchtops

Why settle for quartz ‘marble look’ stone at around $650m2 when you can have the natural beauty of real stone and the durability of quartz or granite for the same price or less with Revolution 360 Stone treatment?