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At Revolution 360 Stone we’re committed to providing an outstanding stone and marble sealer.  Our product exceeds expectation in both commercial as well as residential properties. Furthermore, our quality ultra glossy surfaces are affordable and guarantee long-term durability.

Revolution 360 Stone is backed by a lifetime of experience in stone production and restoration. Consequently, we pride ourselves in being able to give expert advice and technical support to our customers.

As a result of our team’s extensive research, we have developed  a 100% non-toxic, 100% environmentally safe stone and marble sealer. Above all, this reflects our commitment to the protection of our customers and the future of our environment.

At Revolution 360 Stone, we value our customers and aim to ensure 100% satisfaction with our stone and marble sealing product. Additionally, we ensure customers are satisfied with the service and workmanship of our technicians so they’re happy to recommend us.

No Substitutes, No Compromises, No Excuses

Revolution 360 Stone and marble sealer is as rock-hard as most granites (shore 80D) and  harder and more durable than any soft stone such as marble.

As a result the world-class UV resistors used in this stone and marble restoration treatment, we guarantee an ultra-high gloss finish.  Moreover, Revolutio 360 Stone won’t discolour or yellow with even the harshest exposure to sun/heat. 

Therefore, while other products soften, deform, delaminate and damage at around 50 deg C, Revolution 360 Stone and marble sealer guarantees heat proofing to over 80 deg C. This prevents heat damage and cracking from high temperature benchtop abuse.

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No Substitutes, No Compromises, No Excuses

Revolution 360 Stone and marble sealer will fully stain, etch and heat proof any quartz surface. This means it will eliminate care and maintenance headaches with white, matte or concrete ranges of quartz.

As a result, Revolution 360 Stone will add a new lease of life to any quartz stone surface such as Casarstone benchtops.

Revolution 360 Stone and marble sealer is available in matte, suede, honed and fully polished finishes at a similar cost to bench sealers ($275m2). It also provides an astounding full surface protection and exceptional durability backed by a 15 year warranty.

Revolution 360 Stone is the latest and most technologically advanced stone and marble sealer in the world. This ultra high gloss, dual molecule impregnating resin, was specifically designed for the stone industry. It will provide superior UV protection against heat and sun. As well as this, it permanently protects any stone from abrasive and damaging agents.

Furthermore, Revolution 360 Stone is the only marble sealer available on the world market that is FDA APPROVED, 100% food-safe and 100% eco-friendly.

The world's only FDA approved food-safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic stone and marble sealer.