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Join thousands of clients who are now enjoying peace of mind with natural marble in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Great news for lovers of marble!

Marble is the still the choice for high end interiors for the same reasons  it has been for centuries. It’s beautiful, practical and altogether luxurious. However, its limited durability often results in frustration for marble lovers. Many marble benchtop owners have complained of premature repairs. Furthermore, some have required complete benchtop replacements due to staining, etching and heat damage.

Revolution 360 Stone have revolutionised the stone industry by providing a surface treatment that makes marbles as durable as quartz.


Beauty vs Durability

Despite marble’s popularity due to its beauty and elegance, it has not generally been a stone of choice in most residential kitchens.  This is undoubtedly because it is prone to etching and high maintenance. Quartz manufacturer have attempted to amend this concern with the  introduction of “marble-look’ quartz . Albeit more durable, it has not been an affordable substitute. Marble-look quartz products such as Caesarstone wholesale at around 3-4 times the cost of most marbles. Therefore, whilst it is more durable it is less affordable.

Enter a timely revolution!

Revolution 360 Stone have  revolutionised the stone industry by developing an easy care, stain proof, etch proof, heat proof  surface treatment. This product is is extremely durable and  fast to apply (100% cured in 6 hours over two days ). 

Finally lovers of marbles and other natural stone can enjoy peace of mind with a durable surface that’s a cheaper alternative to quartz.

Finally, a revolutionary quick and affordable solution to stone repair and protection. Revolution 360 Stone treatment guarantees durability of all natural stone and quartz benchtops.