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Stone Restoration

Traditionally the only option to restore any stone surface finish was to repolish the entire stone. Whilst this is one of the cheapest options, it still leaves the stone unsealed, unprotected and susceptible to water marks, stains and etching. As a result, polished benchtops are difficult to clean and need to be repolished every few years.

Revolution 360 takes all the drama and headaches out of maintaining your stone, leaving them looking as good as the day they were installed.

The only option - Revolution 360

Unlike any other application, Revolution 360 stone treatment is FDA approved making it truly 100% food safe, 100% non toxic and environmentally friendly.
Revolution 360 stone, gives you total peace of mind with its 15 year warranty for natural stone and 10 year warranty on quartz surfaces.
No more stains, No more etching
Revolution 360 Stone is 100%stain and etch proof and heat proof to an amazing 80 deg C. As well as this, its superior ease of cleaning and maintenance makes it a market leader in the stone industry.
Above all, Revolution 360 Stone is the most affordable permanent surface treatment on the market.

Marble - Quartz - Caesarstone

Any stone, whether natural or engineered can now be fully restored to any finish. This includes giving engineered stone the ultra high gloss of granite and marble.
Whether your stone has a matte, suede or honed finish, Revolution 360 Stone can be easily applied to any stone surface, achieving the same durable, easy care finish.
Quartz or engineered stone products as well as natural stone that is stained, yellow or dull will be refreshed with a lasting finish that will not need to be repolished year after year to maintain their shine.

Why Use Revolution 360

Selling your home?
We all know kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Why replace your benchtops when Revolution 360 Stone's quick, easy application will have your kitchen looking better than new?

Stains, Watermarks, Cleaning
Forever looking for a solution to clean or to remove a stubborn stain that has magically appeared? With Revolution 360 stone stains are a thing of the past. Our specially developed treatment leaves your stone looking as spectacular as the day it was installed. Your quartz or engineered stone will look even better than the day it left the factory.
Revolution 360 stone is the only choice for your kitchen rejuvenation.


No substitutes, No compromises, No excuses

Revolution 360 Stone is the only permanent choice for stone, marble, quartz or caesarstone restoration.

Marble Polishing


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New Stone Kitchen Benchtops



Frequently asked questions

While other products require resealing from time to time, Revolution 360 Stone offers a full 15 year protection warranty.  It is a surface sealer that requires easy care and maintenance and will not etch or lose its shine with everyday benchtop use. 

Love and want the look of natural marble but don’t want to compromise on durability? Granites ,quartz and marble-look quartz such as  Caesarstone are all much more durable but this durability comes at a cost price-tag.  How much does Caesarstone Supernatural range of stone cost? How does that compare to real marble with Revolution 360 stone treatment? Is it more durable than quartz or caesarstone?

All great questions and questions that need to be answered when you are looking at investing in a new benchtop or looking at restoring your existing stone benchtops. Here are the answers from the guys in the know. Because we are heavily involved in the stone industry from manufacturing, installations and restoration of stone. We can give you the no bull facts and figures. 

Cost or Caesarstone marble look – All quartz manufacturers including smartstone, caesarstone, quantum quartz, stone ambassador, cambria, silestone, and the multitude of various manufacturers around the world. Quartz is basically made the same way from the same components and all polished and finished exactly the same way. All quartz manufacturers have different ranges of which different colours and finishes fall into. For this example we will take one of the commonly known manufacturers – Caesarstone to compare pricing on stone. Caesarstone has four (4) ranges ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. As you would expect the better colours and looking stone is in the higher ranges with the prices to match. Any marble look is in the two top end pricing categories – Supernatural range and Supernatural Ultra Range.

caesarstone cost stone benchtop cost

As you can see from the example above this is the cost NOT including installation. Which would make the Supernatural Ultra Range around $4800 for a 3m x 1.4m slab cut, polished and installed. Note this is without any waterfall ends, undermounted sinks etc and is for only 4.2m2 if you are able to get your kitchen out of one slab of stone.

Making Caesarstone Supernatural Ultra around $1200 per m2 installed, where most real natural marble is between $200-$600 per m2 for the slabs. With real natural marble installed with the full protection, more durable, easier care and a better warranty for around $1200 cheaper or 25% less expensive for real natural stone that is more durable as durable as most granites, will not yellow, stain , less susceptible to chipping plus an extra 5 years warranty.


Until now, enjoying the look of natural stone in high use spaces has come with  a level of compromise. Marble-look quartz manufacturers  have offered more durable solutions to natural stone.

Unfortunately, however, the cost of these stone products reflects their added durability. Customers have had to either choose beauty and affordability over durability or durability over  beauty and affordability.

Revolution 360 Stone has entered the world market with an outstanding product that offers world class durability at an affordable price. With Revolution 360 Stone, there are no substitutes, no compromises and  quite simply no excuses to be using any other product for your benchtops.


If you have ever experienced the traditional re-polish or resurfacing of a stone benchtop or countertop. You will know the issues regarding the cost of having all the appliances removed and the mess this process generates. Your stone benchtops will look great for a few months but  with every day use,they will slowly start to show watermarks, stains, etching and lose their shine.

Revolution 360 stone looks as great two years down the track as it does the day the treatment is applied. No matter whether you choose a matte, suede, honed or fully polished stone benchtop surface,  Revolution 360 stone will always have your stone looking its best. Furthermore, it requires very minimal maintenance to maintain its beautiful finish.

Other Caesarstone sealers only seal the stone from 90% of stains and most need to be reapplied every year. Whilst Revolution 360 Stone acts like a sealer it allows no stains into your benchtop. It is a permanent treatment that fully protects any stone from stains, watermarks, etching and damage from chemicals. Revolution 360 stone is made by stone professionals for stone to prevent all stone protection problems. It is super durable and even limits chipped edges. 

Come join the Revolution with a 15 year peace of mind warranty.

Many homeowners will replace their kitchen benches to obtain a new-look kitchen. With Revolution 360 Stone, however,  you’ll achieve the same result at a far cheaper price.  Furthermore, your benchtops will have that that new kitchen look and feel in less than 6 hrs. With Revolution 360 Stone, there’s no need to remove or replace appliances or wait for benchtops to be installed ( 7-14 days). This quick and easy treatment is  a no mess, no fuss application that is simply revolutionising kitchen renovations.

Revolution 360 Stone has the unique ability to rectify the short comings of different stone.  

Quartz or engineered stone etches from alkaline cleaners, oven cleaner, citric acid, bleach and stains quite badly especially on marble look and white caesarstone type of products. Marble is softer than quartz and more beautiful but this beauty comes with fragility so it lacks durability. Granite is tough but because it is porous but  in the lighter colours it is prone to oil  and other stains and loses its shine over time from windex and other cleaners that are not meant for stone. 

All of these stone types, however,  will chip if the edges are impacted by shopping bags, pans, knives etc

Revolution 360 Stone treatment is as hard as rock. However, while super tough, it is also more durable and forgiving. This is why Revolution 360 stone is not only stain, etch  and heat proof but is also highly impact resistant making it the only product on the market that can guarantee chip resistance.


Every type of stone can be beautifully restored with Revolution 360 Stone. Natural stone such as marble, onyx and limestone will not only shine better than their natural state but will be given the durability of granites and engineered stone. Durable stones such as quartz and engineered stone including Caesarstone, Smartstone and Stone ambassador can also be treated to provide an etch, stain and heat proof surface that is guaranteed for 15 years.

Revolution 360 Stone – No Excuses – No Compromises – No Substitutes –  Contact Us

Our clients say

Thank you Revolution 360 Stone for helping me get the asking price I was looking for . The buyers loved my kitchen!
Susan Hope
Home Owner
After seeing the results for myself, I now recommend my sellers use Revolution 360 Stone as a quick and affordable way to rejuvenate their kitchen benchtops. They come up shiny as new and the technicians are in out approx 4-6 hours.
Adam Browne
Real Estate Agent
One of my clients recently applied Revolution 360 Stone to their Caesarstone benchtops at the time of their kitchen installation for added shine and durability. They're thrilled with the results and even moreso with the 15 yr guarantee this product offered.
Quinn Ryan
Interior Designer
So now I've seen what all the fuss is about. In all my years in the industry, I've honestly never seen a shine like that on a benchtop. The stain-proof, etch-proof, chip resistant guarantee makes this product a no-brainer.
brad Jones


Revolution 360 Stone is the only 100% non toxic, FDA APPROVED food safe benchtop treatment that guarantees a stain, etch, heat proof and chip resistant 15 year warranty on all stone and all finishes.